Concrete Coating Replacement

Conomos removed and applied a new concrete coating system at a Dominion Energy natural gas transmission compressor station.


Client Name:
Dominion Energy
Natural Gas Transmission
Remove existing/apply new concrete coating system
Service Needed:
Concrete floor coating – epoxy
Service Application:
Industrial, Interior, Natural Gas Compressor Building
Surface Prep Method:
Blast Trac and edging to remove existing coatings.

Dominion Energy Concrete Coating Project

Dominion Energy has a natural gas transmission compressor station in Chambersburg, PA. Dominion Energy tasked Conomos with the removal of an existing coating system and application of a new coating system on the concrete floors of the compressor building and the auxiliary building. There was also an area of a new concrete floor which did not require the removal of coatings.

This project required us to use Blastrac equipment for surface preparation before applying the epoxy concrete floor coating, which resulted in an aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip concrete floor.

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Surface Preparation

Before work can begin, the concrete floors must be cured for a minimum of 28 days. All contaminants, such as dirt, oil, paint, wax, grease, and efflorescence must be removed.

The existing coating on the concrete floors was an epoxy coating with a deep red finish. Conomos used Blasttrac equipment and steel shot abrasive to remove the existing coating system. Large shot-blasting machines were used to efficiently clean the main areas of the floor. Hand grinders were used to remove the existing coating system from stairs, doorways, and other hard to reach areas.

After removing the existing coating, all steel shot and debris were removed from the floor. Then, all cracks and construction joints in the concrete had to be repaired using joint sealants.

After all surface preparation and concrete repairs were completed, Conomos began application of the new concrete coating system.

Concrete Coating System Application

The coating system that Dominion chose for this project was a prime coat of MasterTop VB 240FS, a fast setting, moisture vapor barrier system and (1) finish coat of General Polymers 3746, a high-performance epoxy.

The prime coat was spread onto the concrete floor using a V notched squeegee at a coverage rate of approximately 80 sf/gallon. Conomos ensured that the product specifications were followed exactly. The required conditions were ambient and surface temperatures between 50 and 85° F and an ambient relative humidity not to exceed 80%. The prime coat was applied to a DFT (dry film thickness) of 20 mils.

The top coat was applied using a squeegee and backrolled using a 3/8” nap roller at a spread rate of approximately 80 sf/gal. Conomos paid close attention to make sure there was uniform coverage and the material did not accumulate or puddle in one spot. The required conditions were ambient and surface temperatures above 50° F. The prime coat was applied to a DFT (dry film thickness) of 20 mils. The finish color for the top coat was gray.

After all the concrete floors were coated, areas in front of doors, approximately 8’x8’, received a rolled applied coat of General Polymers 3746 @ 4 mils DFT followed by a broadcast of aluminum oxide to create an anti-slip surface. Aluminum oxide was spread at a rate of ¼ lb. per square foot.

After the new coating system was applied, it was allowed to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before reopening to traffic. It was allowed to cure for a minimum of 72 hours before it was exposed to water.

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