For 122 years, Industrial painting has been and continues to be our primary business. Over a century of experience provides the foundation that supports the Conomos reputation for superior quality, exceptional service, and technical excellence.

Our Industrial Painting Service

As the many industries we serve have different and sometimes unique needs, our workforce of highly trained union painters has the training to complete your industrial painting and coating project safely and efficiently using the latest technologies, techniques, and equipment. We provide a broad range of routine to specialized industrial painting services, including containment and lead abatement, and proudly list an impressive number of prestigious clients and noteworthy projects. We are also familiar with the latest paint products and technologies available from manufacturers and can make recommendations as needed.

industrial concrete coating


The coating of concrete surfaces can often present challenges. Concrete is porous, likely to develop cracks, and is often used in environments that expose the concrete to harsh atmospheric conditions or chemical exposure. When coating concrete, it is important to focus on surface preparation. Adequate surface preparation will ensure that the coating system lasts and that the concrete is protected. It is also important to choose the correct coating system for the environmental and chemical exposure that may apply to a specific project. Concrete Coating Services

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industrial high performance painting and coating

High performance Architectural Coating

High performance architectural coatings are often used in high traffic, high visibility, and demanding settings where aesthetics is a priority. High performance coatings are often found in stadiums, transit terminals, and hospitals. A coating system in these situations must be able to take wear and tear while losing very little of its gloss and color. High performance architectural coatings come in all colors and sheens and can comply with the strictest environmental standards. They can be applied to various substrates such as ferrous metal, aluminum, and masonry block, among others. High Performance Services

Tank Lining & Coating

Tank Lining

Linings are applied to the interior of tanks to protect them from corrosion to increase their durability and longevity. Tanks linings are made to work in immersion service to protect the tank and ensure product purity. Tanks can hold a variety of products from water to the harshest chemicals. Choosing an experienced contractor and the correct lining system for the project is extremely important to completing a successful project. Tank Lining Services


Industrial painting describes the field of corrosion control that includes Industrial facilities and equipment. Industrial coatings are applied in highly corrosive and sometimes difficult settings such as chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, natural gas transmission facilities, and more. It includes the removal and remediation of existing coatings, surface preparation and blast cleaning, and the application of new coatings.

There are several important factors to consider when planning and completing an industrial painting project. These factors include substrate material, chemical exposure, atmospheric conditions, and required lifespan of the new coating system. Working with an experienced industrial painting contractor with many years of experience can be the difference in the success of a project.

Conomos performed the painting on the Cooper River Bridge (Ravennel Bridge) in Charleston for me a few years back and I highly recommend their firm. They did an excellent job for us on an extremely difficult project and have proven to be a most reputable and fair company.

Wade Watson

Certifications & Operator Qualifications

As an SSPC certified contractor, we at Conomos will provide you with the confidence that your industrial painting project will be completed to the highest levels of your expectations.

With Conomos, you can expect quality, safety, and on-time performance. Conomos prioritizes the training of our workforce and staying current with the necessary industry certifications, including SSPC and NACE.  We also can accommodate customer specific operator qualifications and safety training. These operator qualifications are managed through different software such as ISNetworld and Veriforce.

Surface Preparation Methods

At Conomos, we can prepare and paint a variety of metal structures such as buildings, conveyors, pipelines, and storage tanks. Depending on the situation and specifics of the project, Conomos uses a wide variety of surface preparations and abrasive blast media in industrial painting.

  • Common Abrasive Blast Cleaning:

    Walnut Shells · Steel Grit · Steel Shot · Glass Beads · Crushed Glass · Coal Slag · Corn Cob · Garnet · Soda · Dry Ice · Sponge

  • Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Power Washing
  • Vapor Blasting

Our extensive experience includes working with companies from a wide range of industries

Natural Gas Transmission ·  Petrochemical · Chemical · Power Generation Paper/Pulp · Steel & Other Metals · Amusement Parks · Industrial Construction

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