When high-performance coatings are required for a project expected to have maximum exposure to people and crowds, it is necessary to partner with a contractor that has the experience to ensure the quality and longevity of a coating system.

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The application of high-performance architectural coatings is a specialized industrial painting service for commercial buildings and many public facilities. When having a large facility painted, owners need a high-performance coating to keep the facility looking aesthetically pleasing and clean. This means selecting the appropriate coatings and applying them properly.

Choosing the wrong coatings can result in premature failureexcessive maintenance, and frequent repainting.

Applications for High-Performance Architectural Coatings

Commercial high-performance coatings are most often used in areas of commercial buildings open to the public because they offer a durable protective coating without significantly losing their aesthetic characteristics over time.

  • These coatings are used in high traffic or specialty environments that need protection from severe everyday use. High-performance coatings will protect substrates from abrasion, impact, stains, moisture, frequent washings, constant UV exposure, and more.
  • Customers use high-performance coatings because they require an attractive finish that lasts. They are often used in high-visibility public buildings and structures. High-performance coatings are available in a full range of colors and sheen options.

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Types of High-Performance Architectural Coatings

Structures can be coated using a wide variety of architectural coatings, each with different properties and benefits. If you are unsure what type of coating your project requires, we can help you select the correct coating for the job.


Acrylics offer excellent gloss and color retention with the added benefit of UV resistance. These coatings are great for highly visible outdoor areas.


Epoxies provide maximum protection with a hard, durable finish. Because they are resistant to moisture, chemicals, abrasion and corrosion, epoxies are perfect for high traffic areas or sensitive interior environments such as clean rooms and laboratories. Epoxies are not ideal for exterior use or for UV protection.


Urethanes offer excellent color, gloss retention, chemical resistance and UV protection. They are perfect for high visibility environments such as amusement parks and decorative structures.

High-Performance Alkyds

High-Performance Alkyds provide a strong, sleek finish that is attractive and durable. Alkyds are perfect for accent pieces such as interior handrails, metal doors, crown molding and trim.

Technologically Advanced Coatings

Technologically advanced coatings are available when a project is required to comply with strict environmental standards or to meet other strict specifications and standardsThey offer a smooth, elegant finish and are available in any and all colors and sheens.

What to Consider when Planning a Coating Project

Before your coating project begins, you need to consider what substrate is being coated and what is it’s intended purpose.

What substrate is being coated?

Woods · Ferrous Metal · Aluminum · Concrete · Concrete Masonry Unit

Different substrates have different properties and require a different approach when it comes to surface preparation and coating systems.

What is the primary use of the space being coated?

  • Stadiums, Public Transit, Amusement Parks, & Schools – A coating system will need to be able to stand up to the abuse of large amounts of traffic and use.
  • Food Processing Plants – A coating system needs to be able to withstand exposure to moisture and cleaning chemicals that are prevalent in commercial kitchens.
  • Hospitals – Powerful disinfectants and cleaners are used day in and day out to ensure that patients, visitors, and staff are safe. The coatings used in hospitals much be able to withstand the almost daily use of these products
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Commercial high-performance architectural coatings are a viable solution for a variety of commercial buildings and spaces.

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Animal Hospitals & Zoos
  • Fitness Centers
  • Schools
  • Transit Terminals
  • Amusement Parks

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