Tanks provide storage of a wide range of materials, from raw to finished product. Tank linings and coatings provide resistance to corrosion and increase the durability and longevity of steel storage tanks.

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Conomos is experienced in the surface preparation and application of coatings for immersion service to control corrosion and ensure product purity. The risk factor for immersion service is high, especially when dealing with potentially aggressive service conditions.

Multiple factors must be considered prior to and during the coating process. Therefore, you need to select the proper lining for your tank and work with an experienced industrial painting contractor regarding the application.

Importance of Tank Lining

Tank interiors frequently are coated with lining materials that provide resistance to corrosion due to the nature of the specific components in the stored product. This work is highly specialized and requires a contractor with experience in surface preparation, coating application and cure.

Concrete is frequently used in a secondary containment structure which may be required to be coated. Conomos has extensive experience dealing with the unique details required to successfully coat concrete structures.

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Tank Lining Quality Factors


  • The chemical characteristics of the contents of the tank will determine which lining system you choose to install.
  • Atmospheric humidity and steel temperature during the application and drying process will affect the end results.


  • Applicator equipment selections and proper techniques of lining application is vital to a successful lining project.
  • Applicators should be keenly aware of DFT and wet film requirements. Overbuilding of the film thickness can be as detrimental as underbuilding in tank lining applications.


  • The highest degree of surface preparation is usually recommended in all tank lining work.
  • Typically, surface discontinuities such as weld seams, edges, corners, and protrusions are the first point of lining system failures. These detail points should be minimized.
  • The condition of the tank surface itself must be considered. It should be free of oil, grease, and chemical contaminants


  • During the surface preparation and coating process, humidity and climate control, ventilation and air circulation inside the tank should be controlled and monitored.
  • Dehumidification equipment will eliminate flash rust, ventilation and air circulation provide a safe work environment and assists in avoiding contamination of newly applied coating.
  • Temperature control is extremely important to the cure process of the coating.


The interior of a tank is normally considered a confined space work area. A confined space is not meant for continuous occupancy and has limited or restricted means for entry and exit. Inside a tank, there is the inherent danger of hazardous atmospheric conditions that can result in asphyxiation or poisoning. Another danger that must be mitigated is the potential for a worker to become trapped in cramped space.

To mitigate the inherent risks associated with working in a confined space, it is important to take precautions to guarantee a safe work environment.

One requirement is to have a dedicated confined space watch person, who’s only duty is to monitor the confined space work area from the outside and take appropriate actions in case of an emergency. In tank applications, the contractor will use air circulation and ventilation equipment to ensure that the atmosphere inside the tank is safe. At Conomos, our employees are trained in best practices when working in confined spaces.

I have enjoyed, very much, my work relationship with Conomos over the last 3 years. The guys have been great to work with. I have to admit that working with Chris Yohe and crew this year has been nothing but a joy.
Don Cummins

Our Experience

As an industrial painting contractor for over 125 years, Conomos is experienced in the special needs and requirements associated with tank lining.

We are familiar with ventilation, dehumidification, heating, forced curing and safety procedures. You can trust us to get the project done right by applying a coating system that will last.


We have experience applying a variety of brands for our Tank Lining Systems including:

  • Carboline Plasite
  • PPG Novaguard
  • Sherwin Williams Cor-cote
  • Ceilcoat Flakeline
  • Vinyl Ester
  • Reinforced Vinyl Ester
  • Dudick
  • Epoxy Novalac
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Linings

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